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5 Graphic Design Trends That Will Be on Top in 2022

The fantastic thing about graphic design trends is that each year arrives with the opportunity for a reset. Thanks to good graphics, brands can attract the audience using mixed images, fonts, and shapes.

However, the most critical point in the graphic design world is to realize that there are changes in time, and you need to keep up with them. So today, we want to delve into the infographic trends 2022, ranging from serif fonts to fun data visualizations. So let’s get started!

So what’s first?

Inclusive visuals. When you want to design an inclusive visual, you need to pay attention to revalue the imagery, icons, and colors you use to understand better how your visuals can attract or exclude potential consumers. Don’t hesitate to reflect more races, genders, and body types, and remember that photos, illustrations, and visual aesthetic elements are the first thing your audience will see.

The second one we’re going to tell you about is data visualizations. Probably, all of us want to show the charts and graphs with many numbers in a particular niche. But it looks full of information. That’s why in 2022, it will be trendy to share complex data with the audience in an easier way and even to use data visualization for fun to engage the audience.

One more trend for today is bold backgrounds. Colorful and bold backgrounds will come back to graphic designs infographic. Moreover, these variations make your audience click right now to find out more.

The next one, we want to talk about serif fonts. This trend was popular last year, but the great news is that it will continue. Serif fonts will help you stay modern and make the designs more attractive and open to the audience.

And the last for today is to use bright icons and illustrations. Probably, this powerful visual attracting tool will be popular in 2022. Using the showy icons and pictures will add to the uniqueness of your design and help to create eye-catching results.

In addition to this, our team always tries to follow modern designs and combine them with customers’ wishes to achieve the primary goal. (or to reach the audience). That’s why we collected the eye-catching examples for you in one picture.

To sum up, pandemic events changed the way brands communicate with their customers. Anyway, from now you know the graphic design trends of 2022 in theory. Now we are ready to help in practice too. So if you need help with implementing these trends in your business  – send us an email to hello@sweetcode.pro