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8 Figma Plugins

Figma is rapidly becoming one of the most versatile apps for UI and UX designers. But, up until around a year ago, Figma was at a disadvantage against a tool such as Sketch. Why? Because of Plugins.

Today, we look at some useful plugins you can use to create your workflows and design systems. And, of course, all of them are free to install and use. Let’s get to it.

1.Measure Tools

This plugin will prepare a project for submission to the developer with detailed dimensions and details.

Always include 3 functions:
1.Sizes & Spaces

2. Wave & Curve

With «Wave & Curve» you can easily create a variety of waves and exciting patterns.

3. Photos

With “ Photos” you can search and insert photos into your Figma files.
– Search photos from Unsplash, Pixabay and Flickr
– Place photos on the page or insert in layers
– Select and insert multiple photos at once
– Quickly insert a random set of photos
– See which photos you have inserted and find back the original files

4. Geometric

This plugin will help you make math shapes and curves. Also, you can make complex patterns with ease and control parameters to customize the math shape.

5. Color Blind

Color Blind allows you to view your designs in the 8 different types of color vision deficiencies.

6. Emoji Reactions

With “Emoji ♡ Reactions” you can leave emoji, stickies, and feedback through various responses directly in your Figma documents in real-time.

7. Video Cover

Get YouTube or Vimeo image covers from their URLs.

How does it work?
Just insert the YouTube or Vimeo URL. If one or more layers are selected, a fill with the video cover will be added to all of them. If no layer is selected, a new layer will be created with the video cover fill.

8. LilGrid

LilGrid takes elements on your page, for example, 100s of Icons inside your Design System, and can automatically arrange them into a grid with the press of a button.

We hope this sparks ideas for plugins you can try out today or even inspires you to create your own plugins. Add this page to favorites so as not to lose. Happy designing!