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How To Check Your Text For Usefulness

Oh, such bad weather today looks like it might rain. So I will look out a window and drink tea…” and in the window, you can see how people unsubscribe you. So guys, let’s fill texts with usefulness. In this case, advise delicious tea, at least, lol.

After all, we realize that useless content in a news feed is annoying and ignored – because in social networks is too much competition and a lot of information.

And here’s the problem: how to stand out and hook people? Make them at least read your text.

Remember this simple truth: Your readers are not looking for a product or service. They are looking for a solution to their problems. They should be interested in your content.

Take an example:
– People are not looking for a good trainer. They are looking for an opportunity to get in good shape and fit into their favorite jeans.
– Not looking for the right English school, but the ability to travel or get promoted at work, or understand the jokes from “Friends” in the original.

Friend, did you get it?

The easiest way to test a topic or text for usefulness is to ask yourself: “Is this interesting to me?”
Remember, you also need to know your audience, how they live.

Here are five areas that can be interesting and helpful for people.

Money – how don’t lose, how to make money, what to invest in.
For example: What Is Attracting Industry Giants For Investment.


Knowledge – where you can find useful information, distance learning techniques, and test an idea’s effectiveness.
For example: 4 Effective Methods of Time Management.


Relationships – how to communicate with introverts, how to find the wife of your dreams, how to recognize obsessive relationships.
For example: 10 principles of a happy relationship.


Health – how to lose weight without getting out of bed, how not to look younger.
For example: Why avocados are right for your health.


Entertainment – what to see, where to go.
For example: Gaming in stories.

Each topic should solve some problem of the audience. Be interesting to your reader.

It’s simple. People don’t care about you and your marketing goals. They want to make their lives more fun and comfortable. But if the brand’s content always solves the reader’s problems, it warms up the audience and increases loyalty.

So, friends, we hope we were useful to you and refuted the words written above.