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New Plugins for Figma

Figma plugins are finally here!
Figma is growing insanely great as a unique collaborative platform for the designers, so after that, we continued to explore the plugin area. So we built our small list of plugins, which made our design workflow faster and better.
We want to share with you to make your workflow faster and design a better interface and experience.

1. GiffyCanvas 

Its simple-you can create GIF images without leaving Figma.

How to use:
1. Post installing, select at least two layers to create a GIF image.
2. Select interval, height, and width of GIF image. Click on ‘Preview’ to see the GIF image.
3. Click on the ‘Download’ button to download GIF images.

2.  iPhone 12 Mockups

An up-to-date set of mockups. The collection includes: iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max.

3. Webgradients

A very convenient tool that can save your time by providing you with the correct color scheme for your project. Include 180 gradients.
Special function:
– color filters
– add to your favorite gradient
– recent used

4. Denmark Illustrations, SALY – 3D Illustration Pack, Free 75 illustrations – Surface 

High-quality and exciting illustrations! Choose which set you like best. Bright and fun or 3D illustrations.


That’s about it for now. We’ll keep reviewing new Figma plugins, so we are sure this list will grow and change over time.
In the meantime, enjoy!