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About project

Guardian Vets is a pretty big project and became an excellent experience for our team. We have created veterinary communication UX solutions for Web and Mobile App so clinics can have virtual support so veterinary professionals can find work-life balance while enhancing client and patient care.

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As part of the project, our team has developed a Mobile Application, a VOIP platform, and a Unique Support System Design. Our goal was to provide innovative communication solutions for veterinary professionals to help them deliver convenient and continuous care.

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Font name: Roboto abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
  • H1
    Bold  •  40px
  • H2
    Medium  •  24px
  • H2
    Bold  •  24px
  • H3
    Medium  •  20px
  • H4
    Bold  •  16px
  • H4
    Medium  •  16px
  • H5
    Medium  •  14px
  • phone 1
  • phone 3
  • phone 3

Colors used

  • color blue
    Blue #0A51C5
  • color link water
    Link Water #E7EEFA
  • color black
    Black #202020
  • color grey
    Grey #8F8F8F
  • color mercury
    Mercury #E6E6E6
  • color white
    White #FFFFFF
  • grid 1
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As a result, GuardianVets operates for hundreds of veterinary hospitals and can tailor solutions to meet care and client service standards. And they are very satisfied with our team’s deliverables.

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