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Rethink Everything! Top Digital Marketing Tactics for 2021―Revealed

If you had all the time in the world to ramp up your digital marketing, what would you do? Perhaps you would pursue advanced social media training or keep experimenting till you get it right. Maybe you would read marketing reports from the top industry experts to get started with the right perspective. To save you precious time and energy, our friends at Pure Design Solution analyzed 100+ research reports and published the Playbook Digital Marketing to Attract the Changing Customer, where they identified the top 4 digital marketing tactics to attract the new customer of 2021.

Our team also got valuable insights while exploring the Playbook. The coronavirus (COVID-19) has resulted in changes to consumer behavior, marketing, and the business industry in general, forcing businesses and brands to reevaluate their thinking about current and future advertising and marketing campaigns to maintain a steady stream of income. In 2020, we received a lot of digital projects intending to make life easier during a pandemic. It once again confirms that digital has grown and continues to grow.

And we were no exception, and in 2020, we released our new in-house project. During Covid-19, digital radio with a strong community is relevant more than ever. Even before the creation of Edmradio, we thought that many people listen to music online through many platforms. But they never can communicate with the author, do you agree? So we decided to bring something new into the EDM world and meet the needs of new customers. 

So who is this new customer?

The pandemic has completely transformed the customer psyche. Businesses have shifted from in-person to online, and customers have transitioned to learn, work and play from home. Product digitization is accelerating at such a high rate that it feels as if we are already in 2027. The changing customer is rapidly shifting their behaviors, purchasing decisions, and the ways they relate to and trust a brand. Uncertainty continues to shape the landscape, and so, businesses must reevaluate how they engage with their customers.

To help small businesses keep up with this new customer, Pure Design Solution has revealed tips and tricks from successful businesses that pivoted their strategy to thrive during the pandemic. They answer the tough questions, such as “Should we cut our marketing budget to stay afloat?” and “Are these new customer habits here to stay?” With the Pure Design Solution Playbook, you will:

– Understand your customers’ changing behaviors 

– Develop brand empathy to engage your customers

– Identify when, where, and how to market in the new landscape

– Transform your digital marketing for a customer-centric 2021

Download the PDS Playbook today and drive your digital marketing strategy in the right direction!