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Should You Hire Marketing Agency or Marketing Person In 2021?

We guess you already heard that if you want to drive revenue to the next level, you need to invest in marketing to attract new customers and raise brand awareness.

So far, so obvious. Right? But the question is should you hire a marketing team, do your own marketing or work with a marketing agency?

Every option has pros and cons. Let’s dig into them:

Contract / Hire Multiple Freelancers

Look, there are some pros, but mostly cons.


– Wide selection of specialists
– Can cost-efficient in the short term
– You can hire specialists for each marketing channel


– Low level of confidence and lack of stability
– High risk of your marketing lacking centrality and uniformity
– Hard to rally 4 or 5 different projects around the same goal
– In any case, this approach can’t work without a central member of your team.  A team member who can rally everyone around a common goal
– But that’s a tall task – because usually such team members have other responsibilities and clients

Assign Marketing to Other Staff

Often in Marketing involves designers, sales teams, recruiters, interns, and anyone, but not a marketing professional.


– This way is cheap
– You don’t need to increase your staff


– Marketing will wind up on the backburner
– No expertise
– It is like a shot in the dark. Without experience and knowledge, you do not know how to work

Look, you probably wouldn’t trust your sales team to handle development. So why do so many businesses let other roles take pieces of their marketing? When you behave this way, you are missing out on a massive opportunity to grow your business.

Hire a Marketing Team

Hiring a full marketing team is a great option – if you can afford it. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Marketing Specialist is $51,956 per year (As of February 2021). You now have to add payroll taxes, benefits, 401k, and even other miscellaneous from the average wage expenses.

So now look at our comparison below:


– An in-house team knows the product and sales process 
– The team’s full focus, time, and energy is on growing your business
– The team can work very closely with sales


– It is expensive compared to other options 
– It will take time and effort to hire an effective team that will meet all your requirements

Hire a Marketing Agency

Business owners often ask themselves, “Should I hire a marketing agency for my business?” They should look at the pros and cons firstly:


– Savings on salaries, time, and training
– Access to an entire team of specialists who live and breathe digital marketing
– A marketing agency will free up time to run your business
– Having a team of fresh eyes on your marketing strategy
– They are continually learning and attending conferences/classes at their own expense


– Shared resources (they are working on other brands as well)
– Having to catch a separate team up on your goals and strategies
– An external team – not interacting with the rest of your company daily

So which is better, in-house staff or an agency? That’s up to you! For some companies, in-house is more effective. For others, an agency is the answer.

But you all the same decided to call an agency when you should do it?

We gave you all the pros and cons so you can make a choice. Let’s say that you have chosen an agency for several reasons given. But, you shouldn’t hire an agency too early. Here are some indicators to help you decide when you should call an agency.

1. When you are not getting results

When you try and do marketing yourself, building a house when you don’t even have the right tools, without a guide, you might not even realize where you took a wrong turn until the entire house falls in. When you are not getting results, it’s time to get some help. As agencies are specialists in a single area, they can get on with the job quickly.

2.When you don’t have time to grow your business 

Marketing isn’t as easy. And when you can’t spend your time with your customers and clients and sell the things you can only do. It is a sign that you should hire someone knowledgeable that allows you to spend your time on your business.

3.When your ambitions exceed your capability

Sometimes, businesses can have ambitions for the future that they cannot achieve with their current capabilities. It can be as simple as not having the required workforce or an inherent lack of knowledge on achieving these objectives. Regardless, if you don’t have what you need, an agency can either provide or find it for you.

How we do marketing at Sweetcode Lab:

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Still unconvinced? Take our Marketing quiz.

If you’re umming about whether to outsource your marketing or keep it in-house, take our inbound marketing quiz and test your skills.

How did you do? Feel free to write to us if you are looking for a dedicated marketing team – hello@sweetcode.pro.