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5 Fabulous Ideas for New Year’s Content

Before the holidays, most buyers are looking for ideas for gifts and surprises on social networks – Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook. 71% of global Pinterest users are female, according to Statista. When concentrating on the US, Pinterest reaches 83% of women ages 25-54. That same group makes 80% of US households’ buying decisions. They are harnessing Pinterest’s power to visualize their future, strategize about their goals, and assist them on their purchasing journey.

It is the main reason why brands start generating tons of content during the holiday season. It is your opportunity to create engaging content that can drive traffic to your site and increase sales. However, the content might not be enough if you haven’t taken care of your pages’ atmosphere.

Start with a Christmas cover image on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. Also, update your logos. And remember, the cover image and the logo should complement each other.

If your goal of being on social media is to drive traffic to your site, add a holiday to your homepage.

After taking the first steps, you can complement your December content plan with these simple holiday content ideas.

1. Send a New Year Email To Your Clients

As 2020 comes to a close, you should prepare to send our last emails of the year. It can be emails with a personal tone or with a nudge to buy.

Show your clients what you’re thankful for. This heartfelt message should be succinct but impactful, creating genuine engagement that resonates.

2. Create a Personal Digital Advent Calendar

A Digital Advent Calendar is a calendar on the web counting down the days to Christmas. Every day in December leading up to Christmas, a new window opens up in the calendar. It is your company’s choice if you want to run a quiz with a new question every day in advent or if you want to offer a good deal on your products every day in the calendar.

3. Read Up And Share on 2021 Marketing Trends and Predictions

With the new year comes a ton of new content around what to expect in marketing and business in general. Find some articles or blog posts that will get you up to speed on what the experts expect to be big this year in your industry—and jot down some ideas or trends that you might want to try out!

Or, if you are an expert, share your knowledge with your audience! For example: Create post “Design trends in 2021”.

4. Give Your Subscribers Gifts Related to Your Industry

We have already talked about lead magnets that will help attract the attention of potential customers. The New Year is a great time to turn on these magnets.

Create a New Year’s checklist, record a video tutorial, or offer coupons or discounts to your customers.
Don’t forget about the holiday atmosphere and New Year’s design.
All it takes is a little time and creativity to keep customers excited after all the gift-giving.

5. New Year, New Product Promotion

The New Year is a great time to encourage customers to try something new. Whether your business has a new product coming out in 2021 or you want to promote a staple product, you can do both with this promotion.

If your business offers services, you might consider offering a new bundle of services. The promotion could read, “New Year, New Service,” and explain what customers get out of the new package.

Well, fill your content plans with New Year, Christmas, and warm ideas! Our team wishes you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Enjoyable Hanukkah!