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  • Business Transformation: Action Plan to Get Your Business Back on Track

    Feb 24, 2023This article tells you more about red flags and ways to keep your business on top.

    As a business owner, even if you are used to the good old tools and principles, your business needs to change over time and adapt to the ever-evolving market and technology. For example, if a business is experiencing stagnant growth, declining profits, increased competition, or outdated technology, it may signify that a transformation is necessary. […]

  • 7 Toxic Thoughts That Hinder Your Success

    Nov 11, 2022Often, the only barrier that prevents us from becoming successful is our mind.

    Often, the only barrier that prevents us from becoming successful is our mind. Of course, it’s normal to have thoughts of doubt and go through moments of anxiety. However, it’s crucial to start controlling our thoughts proactively instead of letting them run wild if we want to improve our quality of life, achieve our goals […]

  • 3 Ways to Optimize Images For Web Without Losing Quality

    Sep 09, 2022Trust us, you don't want Google to hate your website. Fortunately, you can reduce and optimize your image's file sizes to help improve the website's performance. 

    Images are one of the things that make your site attractive to users. But images also can slow down page loading. And Google, like any other search network, hates slow sites. A widely quoted study by the Aberdeen Group found that “A 1-second delay in page load time equals 11% fewer page views, a 16% […]

  • How to Come Up With a Catchy Business Name That People Will Remember

    Aug 19, 2022Developing a brand name is like a scrabble game, but the process is much more fun and challenging.

    Developing a business name is like a scrabble game, but the process is much more fun and challenging. Because coming up with a business name is one of the essential steps in starting a business. Finally, your brand will be recognized and remembered by its name.  A great and effective name can boost your company, […]

  • 5 Pro Tips for Finding a Good Idea for a Startup

    Jun 17, 2022It's great if a brilliant idea hits you in the middle of the night. But is your idea good enough? 

    It’s great if a brilliant startup idea hits you in the middle of the night or while you’re standing in line. But is your idea good enough to become successful and change people’s lives?  We will tell you how to find a promising idea in this article. What do you know about startups? There is […]

  • 4 Relaxation Techniques to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

    May 27, 2022Let's understand stress and anxiety and discover a few great ways to feel better.

    We all face stressful situations throughout our lives, sometimes from minor annoyances like traffic jams or bad coffee to more serious worries, such as a quarrel with a loved one or health Issues. And even our work sometimes is not an exception. We at Sweetcode Lab care about the health of our team, so we […]

  • What Is Fake News, and How Can You Identify It?

    Mar 18, 2022Fake news can sometimes very closely mimic real news. And unfortunately, fake news spreads faster than facts.

    Fake news can sometimes very closely mimic real news. And unfortunately, fake news spreads faster than facts, whether it’s the Russia-Ukraine war, COVID-19, climate change, or breaking celebrity news. Especially now in 2022, when all media is filled with different information. What Is Fake News? There are two kinds: News that aren’t true. These are […]

  • 10 Lessons to Help You Build a Successful Creative Career

    Feb 16, 2022The biggest lessons to help you navigate your journey as a creative person.

    Pursuing a creative career is not easy. And our creative team had learned that when it comes to leading a successful creative career, details matter. Whether you’re just starting or already have experience and struggling to push forward, in this article, we share the biggest lessons we’ve learned to help you navigate your journey as […]

  • How to Open an Online Store in Five Simple Steps

    Nov 09, 2021Sweetcode Lab, in collaboration with Kilo, provides you with six simple steps to help you launch a successful online shop.

    According to statistics, e-commerce sales are predicted to hit $6.5 trillion by 2023. Based on those data points, digital commerce has a great and growing opportunity, especially now when the world is increasingly moving online. In this article, Sweetcode Lab, in collaboration with Kilo, provides you with six simple steps to help you launch a […]

  • 3 Techniques That will Supercharge Your Creativity

    May 19, 2021Good ideas don't just happen.

    Good ideas don’t just happen. To come up with new ideas, you need relevant knowledge, experience, and inspiration. However, there are techniques that you can use to develop your creativity. For you, we have chosen methods: Design – Thinking, HOW-NOW-WOW, and Six Thinking Hats, which will help turn on your creative thinking. Design – Thinking […]

  • 5 Steps to Write About Complex Subject in Simple Way

    Jan 11, 2021How to write so everyone will understand you, whether your grandma, Gen Z, or your boss.

    Surely everyone would like to write only about what you like and on ton topics in which you are a professional. It’s always a pleasure to write, read, and add to a portfolio. But the fate of a copywriter, bloggers, marketing managers is such that sometimes it is necessary to involve the reader with texts […]

  • Design & Development Agency Vs. Freelancer: How to Make the Right Choice

    Jan 11, 2021The next time you need professional help, you will know exactly what to do.

    Our team knows that finding the right partner for your work is conceivably the most critical and challenging part of the entire process. This article will objectively present the pros and cons of working with agencies vs. freelancers in the development or design solutions. So that the next time you need professional help, you know […]

  • What is Website Audit and Why is It Important for Your Business

    Jan 11, 2021We talk about the most common types of audits and why your business needs them.

    Look, you launched a website with a great design, focused on user experience, intuitive navigation, and superintelligence in the support chat, but there are still no sales. Or there aren’t as many sales as you’d expect. Common situation? Think of your site as a complex machine that needs regular website maintenance and website update to […]

  • Lifelong Learning for Lifelong Success

    Jan 11, 2021Find out how to get rid of routine, insecurity, low income, and getting fired from work.

    We should admit that studies don’t stop after school and university, and we should master a new language or skill all your life…Sure, if you want to become a professional and do what you love. The excellent news: lifelong learning is a release from routine, insecurity, boring conversations, low income, and getting fired from work. […]

  • How To Check Your Text For Usefulness

    Jan 11, 2021How to stand out and hook people.

    Oh, such bad weather today looks like it might rain. So I will look out a window and drink tea…” and in the window, you can see how people unsubscribe you. So guys, let’s fill texts with usefulness. In this case, advise delicious tea, at least, lol. After all, we realize that useless content in […]

  • Think Twice: 7 Ways To Test The Effectiveness Of Any Idea

    Jan 11, 2021Let's keep your idea in people's minds.

    Every business venture starts with an idea. But why one idea became successful and viral while others are forgotten in a week? Let’s figure out what principles to follow to keep your vision in people’s minds. We hope that these principles will allow you not only to gain concrete insight into whether current customers will […]

  • Everything You Need to Know About Omnichannel

    Jan 08, 2021Let's find out more about Omnichannel.

    Omnichannel (multi-channel) is a continuous work with the application (website, store) on different devices. Can you imagine how cool it is, while shopping on a computer, to continue doing it on the way to work? A multi-channel strategy helps to retain customers, and the level of engagement increases by 3.5 times. Omnichannel is not only […]

  • Restaurant Business and Changes in Consumer Behavior

    Jan 08, 2021We will tell you how not to lose customers in 2020.

    Change in consumer behavior related to the restaurant business. Consumer behavior has changed due to the pandemic. It applies to absolutely any activity area, starting with the sale of cars and ending with the purchase in a regular store. Almost everyone tries to stay at home if possible. Of course, after quitting quarantine, people will […]

  • Online E-commerce Grew. Is Your Business Ready?

    Jan 08, 2021Let's talk about online e-commerce.

    Let’s talk about online e-commerce. This rapidly developing field occupies a vast niche in the market. Online e-commerce growth for 2020 was 19%. Of course, not every business can be transferred to a web page, but you should hurry up if there is such an opportunity. We will tell you some basic principles that need […]

  • The History Of Our Company

    Jan 08, 2021A bit of history about how it all began.

    Originally the company was founded by Evgeniy Loktev and Igor Starovoitov. “The idea was super simple and straightforward. We both had many personal clients and started getting even more because of our quality of the work and personal touch to each project. At some point we realized, that it’s time to start building our team […]