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Design Posts

  • Mobile UX: 10 Best Practices That Will Help You Improve App User Experience

    Jan 20, 2023This article will help you understand everything about mobile UX and how to improve App user experience with 10 best practices.

    We live in a digital world, and the number of mobile app downloads worldwide has constantly been increasing from 2016 onward, surpassing 200 billion in 2019. In the most recently measured year, consumers downloaded 255 billion mobile apps to their connected devices, up by more than 80 percent from 140.7 billion app downloads in 2016. […]

  • UX Audit: Complete Guide to Improving Your Product’s User Experience

    Dec 23, 2022Remember, there's always room for improvement, so this is where a professional UX audit can be essential.

    Any business that has an app or website might need occasional tweaking, including keeping a close eye on the conversion rate.  First, ask yourself – are your interface, software, and content achieving goals? How easy can your visitors find the content? Are they converting?  You are not the only one meeting these challenges. Every business […]

  • Rebranding: 6 Main Reasons to Update Your Business

    Oct 12, 2022Rebranding is the process of creating a new look and feel for an existing product or company.

    Quality branding is a long process that includes several steps – company and market analysis, competitors and audience research, brand platform development, unique brand name, logo design, and corporate identity. However, this is the only way to create a consistent brand image that will interact with your audience and partners, increasing brand awareness and revenue. […]

  • Top 10 Logo Design Trends For 2022

    Jul 29, 2022Top logo trends for 2022 using examples of our portfolio to inspire you.

    We see many different logo design trends fall in and out of fashion every year. And now, as we are halfway through the year, our team wants to show top logo trends for 2022 using examples of our portfolio that can inspire you. Your logo is often the first recognizable element of your brand or business […]

  • How to Build an Relaxation App That Helps People Sleep Better

    Jul 07, 2022Increasingly more people strive to rid themselves of constant stress and anxiety. Our team is no exception. 

    Everyone deals with stress, and it is a normal part of life. But when you constantly react to stressful situations, the effects can threaten your inner peace and healthy sleep.  Thankfully, global mental health awareness is evolving, and increasingly more people strive to rid themselves of constant stress and anxiety. Our team is no exception.  […]

  • Your brand: How to Choose Perfect Logo Colors?

    Apr 05, 2022If you’ve decided to start your own business or are launching a new startup, understanding the impact of color on consumer behavior will help your brand succeed.

    If you’ve decided to start your own business or are launching a new startup, understanding the impact of color on consumer behavior will help your brand succeed. And the importance has been proven by many brands. Think about it, we associate famous brands with their logo color. For instance, when we think about Twitter, we […]

  • 10 Lessons to Help You Build a Successful Creative Career

    Feb 16, 2022The biggest lessons to help you navigate your journey as a creative person.

    Pursuing a creative career is not easy. And our creative team had learned that when it comes to leading a successful creative career, details matter. Whether you’re just starting or already have experience and struggling to push forward, in this article, we share the biggest lessons we’ve learned to help you navigate your journey as […]

  • 4 Mobile App Design Trends for 2022 That You Should Catch Up

    Jan 13, 2022Like fashion trends, mobile app design trends never stay the same.

    Like fashion trends, mobile app design trends never stay the same. But, of course, just like 20-x style is coming back in fashion, so apps might still borrow design styles from the past but don’t forget that they are giving it a modern twist.  Especially when we see a lot of new mobile apps being […]

  • 5 Graphic Design Trends That Will Be on Top in 2022

    Oct 21, 2021Let's delve into the infographic trends 2022, ranging from serif fonts to fun data visualizations.

    The fantastic thing about graphic design trends is that each year arrives with the opportunity for a reset. Thanks to good graphics, brands can attract the audience using mixed images, fonts, and shapes. However, the most critical point in the graphic design world is to realize that there are changes in time, and you need […]

  • Express Logo Design. How do we do this?

    Aug 31, 2021Process transparent, efficient, and accessible as possible. Simple as 1, 2, 3! 

    For Sweetcode Lab, the word Logo Design should always mean a unique logo design. It’s a part of corporate identity that is uniquely crafted for your business or personal brand. It communicates your brand’s value and professional quality. So we asked ourselves – How can we improve the logo design service? Make it an affordable […]

  • A Complete Guide to Great Website Navigation

    Apr 15, 2021Little things make a big difference. And your website navigation is a great example.

    Little things make a big difference. And your website navigation is a great example. Because your brand must have an easy-to-use and smart design, and the first step is creating intelligent website navigation.  This article will look at some key aspects that we have learned from designing our website navigation over the years and share […]

  • 9 Figma Plugins

    Apr 02, 2021Happy designing!

    Figma is the best tool for UX design, and in this article, we outline some of the best plugins for designers. Hoping this article could speed up your workflow and potentially avoid the hassle. Let you have more time for design, and plugins take over the routine. And, sure, all these plugins are free. Let’s […]

  • Visual Identity. Everything About This Essential Aspect of Your Branding

    Feb 05, 2021Everything you create should represent your brand accurately.

    Guys, do you remember the beauty salon logo? Or a supermarket logo near your home? What about the Nike or Coca-Cola logo? Yes, this results from the professional work with the brand and identity that made it possible to achieve recognition. But first of all, what is Brand Visual Identity? Brand visual identity is a […]

  • 8 Figma Plugins

    Jan 29, 2021Eight useful plugins you can use to create your workflows and design systems.

    Figma is rapidly becoming one of the most versatile apps for UI and UX designers. But, up until around a year ago, Figma was at a disadvantage against a tool such as Sketch. Why? Because of Plugins. Today, we look at some useful plugins you can use to create your workflows and design systems. And, […]

  • Don’t Do It: 5 Things That are Killing Your Landing Page

    Jan 11, 2021Check for mistakes before launching the landing page.

    We have already talked about taking your landing page from good to great, and we hope you got this. Today we will talk about the main things which are killing a great landing page and high conversion to your website. By the way, have you already prepared your website for the Holiday Season? If you […]

  • How to Take Your Landing Page From Good to Great

    Jan 11, 2021Learn landing page logic, common mistakes, and tips with these 7 simple steps.

    If you don’t have a great landing page, it’s like going fishing without a net. Maybe you can land a fish on your hook, but you won’t be able to drag it into the boat. We will tell you how to drag people into your boat and increase conversion rates to reach your marketing or […]

  • 5 Psychology Secrets for Impactful Web Design: Expert Opinion of Our Team

    Jan 11, 2021What people see and feel are two different things, and that goes for web design too.

    People are used to thinking of design as only artistic, but there is much more standing behind it because what people see and feel are two different things. Two main things are an aesthetic experience and the psychological part. Good design necessitates both, so we think that designers need more than a basic understanding of […]

  • New Plugins for Figma

    Jan 11, 2021Figma plugins are finally here!

    Figma plugins are finally here! Figma is growing insanely great as a unique collaborative platform for the designers, so after that, we continued to explore the plugin area. So we built our small list of plugins, which made our design workflow faster and better. We want to share with you to make your workflow faster […]

  • 5 Tips for Creating Perfect Portfolio

    Jan 11, 2021Do you know that the perfect portfolio can deliver new clients or your dream job?

    Probably everyone knows that the internet is full of thousands of design portfolios, and getting a potential employer’s attention in this overcrowded job marketplace can be quite a challenge. Our designers team wants to help and share their valuable experience with you. Your portfolio plays a vital role in building your career and helps you […]

  • Brand’s Online Appearance. Importance to Your Success

    Jan 11, 2021For the success of your brand, appearance is paramount.

    We have already dealt with Branding and Brand Identity in our blog. Today we will dive into this topic. So what is a Brand ‘Online Appearance, and why is it so crucial for your success? For the success of your brand, appearance is paramount. And Sweetcode Lab also is continuing to steadily expand our online […]

  • 5 Ways Website Redesign Can Benefit Your Business

    Jan 11, 2021A website redesign comes with loads of benefits. Let’s understand in more detail.

    We have already dealt with a Website Redesign on our Instagram and figured out why your website needs a redesign. Today we will delve into the importance of your website’s high-quality and attractive design and how it can benefit your business. According to Blog Red, two out of three people prefer to browse through a stylish […]

  • What Is a UX Audit and Why Your Business Need One

    Jan 11, 2021If you have a business - you should read this.

    Have you ever faced problems like data indicates that traffic has declined? Doesn’t a new website perform as expected? Do the web pages rank well, but conversions are low? Think about that – maybe you should contact a professional UX designer. It can be merely part of problems that you could face neglecting UX Audit. […]

  • How to Design a Logo From Scratch: A Step-by-step Guide

    Jan 08, 2021Create a logo that would stick in people's minds.

    Let’s think about the worst logo you’ve ever seen…what comes to mind? If you’re having trouble remembering one, that’s not surprising. Because outstanding logos stick, bad ones don’t. Therefore, our task is to create a logo that would stick in people’s minds, create emotions and associations for customers. Today we’ll share our experience with you. […]

  • Redesign. Why Users Don’t Like It?

    Jan 08, 2021Redesign. Why not?

    How do you feel about the redesign? Why not, if we say about your brand or app (there is always something to improve). But how does a consumer react to a redesign? Have you ever wondered why most users do not immediately accept even the right redesign? Let’s look at the reasons why your redesign […]

  • The Main Things to Make the Application or Website Memorable

    Jan 08, 2021Nowadays design needs to be memorable and we know how to achieve this.

    We live in a time when you will no surprise anyone with your website or application.  Even children at school learn to program and can make a simple mobile game on their own. This is very cool, but it has become tough to stand out because of this growth rate and development of technology. To […]

  • Website Design: Analysis of the Dispensary Market

    Jan 08, 2021 In today’s crowded cannabis digital landscape, it’s vital that you stand out.

    Because of the COVID-19, most dispensaries switched to the delivery of goods, rather than selling directly in the stores, the question arose about the convenience and website design. A customer coming to your site should understand where to click to order a product, how to do it, and which product is the best for him/her. […]